Thank you very much connotare family . I’m getting better though it’s been tough . Thank you for your prayers and your thoughts , thank you for everything you guys🤗 . I had no idea my sister had posted the gist . Sabina😂😂. My mum filled me in and I was speechless , I was crying because I almost killed myself when I have so many people that care enough to pray for a faceless person they’ve never met . I love you guys . You and I pray God meets everyone of you at your various points of need . My mum actually wants a very hush-hush recovery for me considering the stigma I’ll face and all that . I’m ashamed of myself really . I can’t even bring myself to tell my dad . We just told him I’m sick but it’s a very long and sad story . I was depressed I just wanted to end it all . So many times I cried to God to deliver me,to heal my broken heart but it was like he was not listening so I decided to end it all for myself . I didn’t care if i spent eternity in hell as long as I won’t feel any pain anymore . Everyone keeps saying “move on he’s out there enjoying himself and you’re here killing yourself “. It’s not that easy for me, that was the first time I ever fell in love with anybody and I’m a very emotional person . I cared for that fool and his family but they all stabbed me multiple times in the back even after i told him the way it made me feel . Though I was seeing a therapist , it didn’t make me feel any better . But now I think I’m ready to give life another try . I hope that I get better because I still feel depressed and dead inside.
I’m not alive anymore , I just need somebody to love and somebody who’s gonna love me back and appreciate everything that I do. I just want to thank you guys for praying for me and for caring so much and trying to reach out to me but I’d like to stay anonymous . Thank you for everything I love you guys and I pray God blesses each and everyone of you in Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. Amen poster… Glad your okay. You need someone to talk to? Hit me on snap (d_scott22019)

    Sending you hugs and kisses

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