Different Love Story

I have a story. I need a SCOFIELD plan

What do you call seeing someone in everyone else or should I illustrate it as ‘have you ever been in love so much that, everyone you see or every successful marriage, picture that one person you love and see yourselves in those shoes.” It is becoming too much, I see her in everything, I grin, I smile and a day I don’t hear from her, it feels incomplete. She feels the same way too even though I think I love her more. That aside, she gives me that Soul mate feeling.

I am back with my ex, she was jealous after the break up and wants me back. I wasn’t the one that broke up anyway though I maybe was the faulty one in the relationship but the break up wasn’t over a girl or cheating.
I am back with my ex because she loves me so much and I still have feelings for her, I care for her and value her regardless.
I am back because she gets ‘Suicidal’ over being rejected or a heartbreak . It seems I moved on quick because to her 1month is too short to move on.
I am back because I didn’t totally move on or forget her
I am back to help her get over me(so incase in the future she won’t want to kill herself if we break up) and I need a plan to do that.
I am back because the one I see as my SOULMATE, adviced me it was the right thing to do.
But I need your help in helping my ex find her own soulmate .

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