Nancy’s sister

I found this page in her feeds . I just want to ask you guys to pray for Nancy . We are at the hospital right now . Nancy drank
a glass of hypo . My sister almost died because of the devil who broke her heart . Before it came to the point of drinking bleach she has been a shadow of herself . I know she said she’s been crying for two weeks but it’s more like 8 months . She probably didn’t want to be seen as pathetic. But why would you judge her ? Who are you to judge??? She’s one of the few people who loves with everything she’s got and just when she thought she’d found the one , he broke her soul, heart, spirit everything . My twin sister almost died😭😭. He’s out there enjoying himself with the one he left her for while she suffers every waking moment . Please pray for us . Pray for my sister . Connotare please post this today . Please we need your prayers . She is in a critical condition . She is literally changing colors before my own eyes and she isn’t even fair.

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