Frustrated and Tired

I am about sharing is very important and I need an honest advice . So I have been married for 4years and I have 2 sons ( 3and 2) years respectively . I work in a private sector and my husband works with the federal govt,no jokes this man has never given us anything,not even to buy pampers or food . I am not exaggerating,we stay with his parents and he works in same state but another town . This story is very long but the truth of the matter is I am tired . I am tired of paying fees and clothing . Sometimes I just want to run away . I need someone to talk to because I am loosing my mind

One comment

  1. Good morning and happy Sunday… Heading to church and reading this. Well, I think there’s more to this that you need to share… I understand you’re not prolly good at writing epistle. We can snap chat d_scott22019 or call 09085828282 (I’ll be free 9pm – 12am to talk on phone)


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