Here’s my secret . Due to busy week, I didn’t do any laundry, neither did I wash my underwears after bath (my usual thing). Long story short, I didn’t wear any underwear yesterday all through even now . I feel uncomfortable as my🍆would get hard😕in public. Can you imagine? 

Anyways I’m home today, got my laundry done . I’d get into that bathroom and wash down, yea I shaved last week . So I’m clean 😜😜😜

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10 months ago

Admin… How far you naw? Why did you edit my post? Why did you cut out my snap handle? (d_scott22019)

Please reply here… Thanks!

10 months ago
Reply to  Dave

Hello Dave . Thanks for reaching out . I’m sorry I cut out your snap chat handle . I sincerely apologize for that . I’ve been getting a lot of posts regarding hook ups lately and it’s beginning to deviate from the purpose of the platform . Putting your handle in posts also doesn’t support anonymity because I’m also beginning to get posts with phone numbers attached . You’ve been a huge part of this and I’m sure you understand. You can always include your handle in the comment section.

10 months ago

Got you admin… 🤗