I’m dating this really amazing guy, he’s so far the best man I’ve dated. He looks out for me, invests in me and tries to make me a better person . The issue now is I just feel he doesn’t really understand me, like he thinks I’m always wanting to fight him when most times I’m just teasing, he recently got transferred to another state and I don’t know if it’s in my head but things are changing . We don’t talk as usual because his new job is very demanding, and I hate not being able to get across to him because he’s my best pal . Secondly, he’s just being to sensitive, usually he’d never raise his voice at me but now he gets so mad at the slightest provocation . All of these is really getting to me. I don’t know if I’m losing my man as a result of distance. This is the second night we’re going to bed mad at each other , it never happens.


  1. I won’t deny that distance has a way of messing with our brain 🧠. Even the strongest man . But it’s important that you both fight against this barrier . Honestly it’s not his fault . It’s the distance . I’m speaking from experience. Sometimes when I don’t see my girl in over a month , I get really cranky

    1. I’ve been in something similar, only difference is that he was quite stingy and we lived 25 mins apart. He go offended from the slightest tease and I couldn’t laugh or joke with him anymore. I started seeking solace and laughter in other guys and I decided to break things off with him. Maybe express how you feel, or try to ask him what has changed. Pay him a visit, pamper him, and just talk about it.

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