I got married to someone who reasoned beyond his age. 2 yrs down the line story changed. He managed to travel out of the country and meet the kind of ladies he wouldn’t dream of. Oga changed to Casanova that never saw light complexion vagina and breast. Now his advice to his friends and anyone that cares to listen is that Nigeria ladies are taboo. (Mind you he has a female child). Now I am thinking if he meant that, because his mama and papa na Nigerians. Well Oga talk says ‘He is Done’ with the marriage like Nigerian Beans wey dey cook. I beg help me advice him because he’ll read this. As for me and my beautiful Nigerian child we will move on and be proud of our heritage. With the child support he promised that has sorted out the school fees which I am extremely grateful for. I need a job, I have been out of reasonable job ever since we have been together. Like I didn’t know my worth again after I met him. I guess I was in love with “my assumed maturity”. Love is blind but when it disappoints you, your eyes will clear.


  1. You got this girl… God help you! You will definitely find one who will appreciate you Las Las. ✌️🤗

  2. You just have to be strong for your child . Your focus should be bringing him up well and in the right way . The same way the prodigal son returned , prodigal men always return

  3. If he has gone wild, then I think you should start thinking of yourself. Suggest an open marriage and see how he reacts. But remember he is already in one it’s your choice to follow suit. If you need more advice, you can contact me on ltriangle8@gmail.com. chiao

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