Loyal to a fault

Hi connoters , I would like your opinion on this as I could be wrong . Some items were delivered to my address just now and they were gadgets , two iPhone Xmas pro ,like 12 pieces of a particular biscuit and I watch . So apparently , it was for a friend who used to stay with my family before . This my friend actually ordered the matching iPhone for herself and the then boyfriend . I told her to halt the order while she still can but she was certain the issues wasn’t going to be the end of what they had. Probably a week fight and all . My friend is actually a hopeless romantic who fell in love with a guy and the guy probably got overwhelmed by some issues and decided to leave her . My friend has moved on truly but she never ever wants to hear about guys or love anymore . She’s diverted all her energy to being a career woman now all she wants to do is read , take professional courses and all(This is not who she is , that’s not what makes her happy). She’s got the biggest heart I know. She is a lover girl and loves deeply so the hurt was deep too . She’s willing to support the guy for master’s abroad and all just because she trusts the guy and believes in him , he’s smart and intelligent. All she wants is just for them to be happy but no matter what , the guy someway still dumped her. As I do say , he lost her not the other way round because in this century you have a smart, homely and supporting lady to love you even when other influential people are on her case . She still chose him alone but then God knows best . Now I asked her what the plan was for the gifts , she said a gift is a gift that she would send it down when she’s less busy over the weekend . I’m insisting NO that you guys are done and done for good , obviously the guy didn’t know about it or expecting anything . I would rather suggest she sells the gadgets and keep her money in her account than trying to send a wrong message . The guy doesn’t even check up on her either . If they had stayed friends , I could still suggest that the gifts should be sent . Please what’s your take on this . M.S if you get to see this please open your heart to love again even friendship wouldn’t hurt you . The big 25 is here baby!!!.Do you think the gift should be sent to the ex ?


  1. I think you gave her the right counsel. And I’m in support of that. If she send the gift to him, she’s sending wrong signal to the guy. It seems she haven’t overcome the break up.

    I’m Dave (d_scott22019) my snap handle.
    Have a good day ✌️


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