Caramel Pop

So I actually feel like a mess . I had an extra year in the university and honestly i don’t think it’s something I deserved . I mean I was a good girl , submitted assignments on time , never missed lectures and read when I ought to while my friends that never attended classes , never turned in assignments and were always party girls got to graduate (honestly I don’t mean to sound envious or look down on people but it just really hurts). If I knew things were going to be like this I can swear I’d have lost my home training since . Plus my dad basically thinks I’m a slut .


  1. I read this… You will be fine. Don’t give the devil the chance to suggest shit to you. Tho it hurts but at the end you will be happy. God got you girl!

    I’m sending you a hug right now 🤗

    I’m Dave ✌️(d_scott22019) my snap


  2. Many of us, have parents who think the worst of us, even though we do not embody the behaviour that they are accusing us of. Just let go of the anger, and try again… Use the year to learn and discover more about yourself, cause once u r done with school you are a full blown adult responsible for every decision you will make, and that’s not easy at all.


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