Hi connotare!
Little confession: I am going celibate this year not because I want to be holy lol but because I’m really terrified of getting pregnant. I am that girl that lost her V-card at 19 years. I must say it’s getting hard for me, I can’t count how many times I have masturbated, in fact I just concluded another lol. Back to it, so I have polycystic ovarian syndrome . People don’t know what this is, look it up . So I don’t have regular periods and there’s a chance It would be really hard to conceive a child . So I have been having sex raw with FWB all through but with scares lol . I have bought more than or up to $150 worth of pregnancy test from august last year to December 30th. How can I manage my urges? Please no cliche advice lol

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10 months ago

I don’t know what that is but I’ll definitely look up… I think it good you celibate for 12 calendar month lol… I hope you will keep that vibe till 31st December, 2020 lol

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10 months ago

I have PCOS and my periods are very irregular… skip a few months and then one month it’ll last more than 2 weeks. I’ve been in this situation and had unprotected sex when I was in college. I was scared for my life…. bought 4 different tests and kept telling the guy how scared I was. Crazy enough, even with PCOS… you can still get pregnant…. it just won’t be that easy. I think if you want to have sex, use a condom or go on birth control… that’s what I did for a while to regulate my periods… that way you won’t be too worried if you have raw sex