I have been in a relationship with this Lady for over five years, along the line we were not getting along well and she dated someone else . She was disvirgined, got pregnant and had a baby boy . She told me while she was pregnant and apologized . I was hurt and felt so bad. Not long after she gave birth . The father of the her baby got wedded with someone else, she begged and i accepted her back because of the love I have for her and because it was a mistake and she didn’t get married to him it was just something that happened. I even comforted her . Now it is over a year, I love her but not ready to settle with her . She now loves me so much . I don’t know how to end the relationship because she is already broken before . I don’t want to break her heart again but my mind is not just at peace in the relationship. I have someone else I am looking at and ready to date now but have tried breaking up with her but it is not working.

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  1. Yo! Are seriously gonna break her heart the second time? Wtf! I don’t want to believe you accepted her back because of the fact that you didn’t disvirgined her, and you want her for the sex! Bro, I’ll advise you learn to love her more… It’s crazy, she might commit suicide! Please, don’t judge her because of her past and how she treated you bro! Sign out

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