Sometimes back I shared that I really wanted to cheat on my hubby with this bubbly guy that promised me heaven on earth(sex wise) . I got lots of comments advising me not to and some saying I could try it once. Well let me say I drew apart from the guy , we didn’t contact each other a while but he’s back in town now and just suddenly remembers me and telling me lots of sweet nothings. Anyways I told him point blank that he should go to hell (not in that manner though) but I’m still in doubt . To keep away from sin ain’t easy ooo chai

One comment

  1. Glad you didn’t do it… 13years of marriage is better than 15mins 🍆 in your 👌that will ruin your home.

    Yea.. To keep away from sin is not fucking easy but it pays 💯✔️ Enjoy your hubby, give him new style tonight 😄


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