I have these two guys , both are well to do but I am confused on what to do . The 1st is not from my tribe while the 2nd is from my side . They both love me and try their best to give me all I want and need but here is the problem . The second has 4 children from 3 different women but they ain’t together any more . I am scared if the children won’t be an hinderance to us and he’s too insecure , we nearly got into a fight the last time when I was on call with a friend . For the first guy , we’ve been together when we both had nothing and he’s trying all his best to make me happy despite the fact he knew I was cheating on him but he never left me and still wants me more . He’s planning on both of us traveling and starting our lives afresh and settling down . He’s ready to give all it takes for us to be together no matter what it takes be it my family because of the tribe differences . I don’t want to hurt both and I don’t know what to do .

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