Okay there’s this guy I met through a friend, a military guy. We started talking on phone, he was all nice calling, texting, funding my account too. I was trying to be careful because I am a single mum fighting custody of her kid, just got out of an horrible relationship. But he came like he’s trying to be that man I never had. He continued doing all stuff, he told me he had a bad break up with his ex, like she cheated and all so he’s trying to get himself back. I told him to heal up first, but he refused. We started dating all rosy and all, then one day he changed, stopped calling or saying good morning or good night, reduced everything to minimal barely 2weeks to our relationship. I didn’t wanna blow up steam, so I kept quiet. A whole week he did it, I had to let him know I needed a break up, because I couldn’t be dealing with all this shit. I used him on my WhatsApp status twice, never did he use me. He kept saying I am not being serious about his marriage proposal, I never wanted to inform my mum. But I did, and as soon as I told him my mum knows, he always diverted the topic of him calling her as he earlier promised. He begged me to come see him, I went on an 8hrs journey by road with all the car packed up, threats to the nation area, got there and all . I spent a week there with him, only for him to make a fuss about his phone that he can never let me access his phone even if he’s dead, while his friend was there. I still said nothing and let it be, the day I was about to leave. He never came to see me or bid me bye, even after calling him nonstop. He later called to claim he’s sick and all . I still forgave him, getting back home he called me few times and he was saying something about hating chats, and this someone who’s last seen always tallies with the exact time on wrist watch. He replies late after reading, just all fucked up. On new year Eve, I sent him new year wishes only to read and ignore . I got furious and told him to continue, he begged and said something about praying to get the best of me years to come now that sounded like a future thing/also wanting me to invest more into the relationship, which to me is looking one sided. And when I said I wish to know the deepest part of him, he replied saying not now or even this month, relationship that’s getting to 3months o . I ended up sending him break up message , he didn’t even read my messages, he left it there . For 3days he didn’t call, he didn’t even after I called him . Now he has a lady on his status, whom he’s saying thanks to . This is someone I sacrificed my everything to go and see and he couldn’t appreciate . Well I guess I am back to being single . And this time I’ll spend time on myself and focus on getting my girl . Was I wrong breaking up?

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