It’s been 3 whole months with you baby (feels like 3 years☺️)3months of unparalleled love, laughter, FaceTime, screenshots, amebo and snoring into my ear😏(sometimes though ). You’ve been The Vibe for me baby. You make me better with each passing day. I want to love you for eternity because this love is too sweet! Everyday feels like I just met you yesterday, at the same time I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. You’ve become my all and I couldn’t have wished to be with someone else. I know say I dey fuck up sometimes, as per my sense may go on recess on hot days🌚, but I promise to get better for you. I know I may not win The best boyfriend award for 2019, but that’s why we have vision 2020😍. I hope to see you soon baby. (This 8-hour thing be making me feel like a time traveler😄)
I love you sweetheart. With all I’ve got!