in Pain

Part 2 of I wanna hrt someone really badddd tonight.

So eventually decided to go back to my house and cancel our supposed plans.
I called him to confront him and he went like he gave her a kiss cos of what she meant to him .Barely 2weeks after we broke things off and I thought we were trying to work through things…This bastard told me he didn’t wanna be in no relationship…And to think he thought i had found someone whereas he was the culprit all these while ..He always accused me of cheating meanwhile he was d culprit all this while…. although he denies it that he never cheated while we were together but couldn’t he have at least respected me or what we had…Just cos of some small issue,he runs straight into the arms of another woman , calling her his comforter and that one too was feeling happy with him in d car laughing…..I regret ever falling so deeply in love .. I regret that the first man to ever bend me or make me weak could do this to me….I know I can be annoying at times but I am a good person who loved him with all my heart,never for once let him down each time he called on me to help him with something . Does a person have to be a 100% unflawed???I can’t take or hold all these pain…I think I have had enough pain and trauma for once lifetime….am done

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