Heal before you deal

I am writing this to encourage the babe who saw her ex with a lady two weeks after breakup. Babe if you are reading this , you will definitely get a better person but please take some time to deal with your past
My story : I broke up with my boyfriend back then in the University three days to my final year second semester and exam time table was out coupled with my first paper which clashed with a carryover course and I had two papers to write i.e morning and afternoon plus the carryover course which was also a morning paper.
My boyfriend/Ex new girlfriend added me on WhatsApp , visited him, wore my cloth including my hair net which I left in his house . Baby gal took pictures and sent it to me i.e she snapped the picture in his house and sent it to me . This happened on a Friday and I had exams on Monday . You can imagine what I passed through then…I was so mad that I thought high blood pressure would kill me . I called him , uncle denied . I showed him the picture, everything was showing that the babe came around but he insisted it wasn’t his house but my friends encouraged me to try and read my books because extra year won’t be funny. This happened four years ago . I left him not because of the cheating but because he was lying to my face . A lot happened, his parents called and even his elder sisters . I showed them the picture and they recognized it as his house yet he was lying. This is someone that i planned to settle down with immediately after my service. I graduated , went for service and decided not to have anything to do with any man but just last year i found love and he is the best man to be sincere. So honey you have to deal with it , not all men are cheat or wicked . As long as you are positive he will , definitely come to you . All i have to say is take some time and think or review your life before venturing into another relationship.
Heal before you deal
Happy Sunday to you all
May we find the right person at the right time….Amen

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