Someone’s child

I dated my ex for two years and in march I found out he cheated on me .i was done with my program in school and had to travel back home for a few months only to return and find out he was cheating on me,something I never thought to do since I found the thought of being with another man disgusting.for some reason a few days ago when I asked why he always found a way to be all up in my business and get jealous he said he never loved me. And he loves this other girl cos she’s faithful to him and respects him.and I’m like dude,I never even cheated on can’t disrespect me and expect that I’ll sit still and look pretty. Is it possible to date someone for two years and not love the person?cos I’m really confused though I don’t love him again but that sentence is disturbing.i mean is it normal for a guy to promise heaven and Earth and not be in love with you while telling you he’s never felt that way about a woman? I think I’m still a novice in this thing called he created some serious insecurities.

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