So,my boyfriend and I had some issues(mainly my fault but he also had some faults),so he broke up(meanwhile,this isn’t the first time we break up but we made up)…
He sincerely truly loves me and isn’t cheating on me to the best of my knowledge,doesn’t have any other babe he is interested in and I really love him as well with all my heart.
Now back to the issue that made us break up,I apologized and he was like I always do stuffs that he hates and then I apologise,knowing he wld take me back,but that isn’t the case…I do those things unintentionally based on what he does to trigger my reaction…
So,well we “got back together” or at least that what I thought until one conversation led to another and he was like “we are trying to make it work out and start all over,that I shouldn’t feel like we are totally back together” but then he still does how he does before d issues and it’s kind of making me think some funny thinking,like “ok,soooo,what are we doing here??I come over,we talk,cuddle,play,have sex,kisses me on the forehead as always,picks my calls as always,replies my text messages as always,tells me of his whereabouts but then is using me or he is just confused about his feelings?
So I gotta ask,is it me overthinking things or it’s just him confused about his feelings?

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