Not crazy about my babe

Is it bad that I’m not crazy about my girlfriend? She’s beautiful normally, and we are compatible, great personality and no doubt our marriage will be good. Like literally no issues. She’s literally crazy about me, but I’m not. I love her and I want to marry her, but I’m not so crazy about her. I see couples who say they can’t spend a day without talking to their partner, they miss their partner the second they leave, they always look forward to seeing them after a long time, etc. I don’t have such towards her. I used to be like that, but I suffered a terrible heartbreak from someone we didn’t even date. Now I’m no longer able to feel dem love sparks and butterflies in my stomach towards this new babe. I’ve tried so hard but it’s not coming. I fear that part of me is forever gone. I used to be a lover boy, an absolute simp for my ladies. That heartbreak made me change the core of my entire being. I contemplated suicide and questioned my existence. I just hope this goes soon. This lady deserves my simping and full love affection.

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