Life is tough

Life is tough for people with no family to depend on, I’m drained. Nothing hurts more than when you talk about financial difficulties and support to certain people and they casually send you to the family you don’t have (I’m not even mad at them. Just sad at my reality). I’m a 26 yrs female and been single all my adult life, not because I don’t sometimes want to be cuffed but because I’m doing a lot of work on myself which I’m grateful for how far I’ve come. I’m very much self aware, I know what I want and I don’t want to end up like the females in my family, infact, like everyone in my family. When people see a beautiful, fun, confident, independent and down to earth me. They never see the sadness and loneliness laced in all of the personalities. I cry my eyes to sleep a lot of the time when it hits hard and it’s hitting harder of recent days.

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  1. My life is currently hanging on God’s grace, favor and love. I’m a little younger than you are but my siblings are making life unbearable for me. My parents are late, I have no friends or even relationship. I’m stuck in my own shell. Yet to get a good source of income. I only live cos there are people in worse situations than I am but they are still living so I have to not give up. As it stands I’m almost homeless just managing myself in my brother’s house but he’s making it extremely unbearable for me. Decided to stay with other siblings but the level of things I saw made me go back. I’m at the receiving end of everybody’s bags and baggage cos I’m the last and the age difference is very much. Abi I should just run away and make it look like a kidnap?, 🥹.I don’t want to seem ungrateful because they supported me through school when our parents died. They’re all quick to judge me and say all sorts of things but they’re messing around whilst my body count hasn’t even exceeded 2😭. I’ve made up my mind to not take any nonsense again from anybody. I’m a human too. Not an instrument for letting out frustrations.
    And yes, it feels so good to say this out. I’ve never really said it to anyone before, because who would understand?

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