Called my now Ex-fiancé this morning to tell him to come to the house later, he has been so busy with work and just came back yesterday. I wanted to feed him well today, so I dressed up entered Maruwa to the market, on my way I saw his car from behind I knew it was him because I knew his plate number, I turned to wave at him and there was a lady in his front seat and they were both all loved up smiling and gisting, he turned and saw me his smile faded instantly lol. he shaaa won’t tell me it’s his sister lol. Because I know his sister. Long story short, I still went to the market bought things and called my female friend, that one knew from my voice that something was wrong, she bought drinks and Canadian loud, we smoked and ate together, we are drinking now and gisting about it laugh wan kill us. Am not a smoker but this occasion called for it, omo I no fit Dey depressed because of anybody. Thank God tommorow I will go back to work I won’t even have time to think about relationship. It wasn’t funny 2 hours ago ooo, but it’s well
I just looked at my Instagram message request my body sweet me.

I shaaa dodged a bullet it’s well

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