My life and advice

I’m turning 23 this year and a sex freak, I can’t stay a week without but if I do I masturbate. I disflowered myself and started fucking my cousin bro who was in ss3 while i was in primary 5, damn his banana is big and with multiple veins on it 🙈🙈 and even fucked his elder bro with bigger banana, now I want to fuck two men at the same time like in my pussy at the same time . I have had seven rounds in a night waits my then boyfriend and he came water 😂😂, the funny thing no matter how I fucked my pussy will not be wide , my breast still stand . I read a secret of a girl saying a man can’t be with her because he is from a one night stand or hookup but if guys really know about their trusted girlfriend and her past or present they will prefer a prostitute. A girl will never tell you the truth about her past, how I wish this so called guy can take her back, be patient with her because she can stop but don’t know how to defend herself or explain herself but with time you can see how truthful she is and also trust her little .

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