I am 20 and my ex is 22 and we have had an on off relationship for 4 years, one time we broke up he dated someone else and I could tell he really liked her but they broke and we started talking again. So I did something crazy, I used a new number and chatted him up pretending to be her to know if he still likes her but he found out it was a fake so he insulted me ( not knowing I was the one) and I insulted him too saying I pray an AC falls on him. I later told him I was the one and apologized promising to stay away from him and he begged me to keep to my words which I did until I heard he lost his sister and I reached out to check up on him twice and he thanked me but the third time I reached out he got really angry and asked me what I wanted reminding me of what I did and I apologized again but he replied rudely. I know I was wrong and I apologized but isn’t he been too harsh ? Should I stay away for good? What I did was wrong but I am not a bad person

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