Best Friends👩‍❤️‍👨

My best friend and I dated as teens but for a good reason had to break up. We went our separate ways but stayed connected. I had only one real relationship after him. Struggled with relationships because he was the standard and no one i met was better than him to me. Even though I told myself that i don commot my eye for where he de because i wanted so badly to find someone who fit me as a glove just like he did. He knows my demons, escapades and failed relationship. We’re that close. There were times when i could swear that this man still loved me and other times I was just confused. It caused a tempest in my heart because i never confronted him. 

Guess who is currently dating to marry her best friend? Me! He finally made his intentions clear. I can’t stop blushing and dreaming of our future together. Please wish us success!

One comment

  1. Congrats darl!!! May God bless and guide your union to yield it’s full purpose and happiness. You’re blessed 😊❤️

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