I’ve been having a little difficulty financially and I live with a friend of mine and I’m actually the bread winner in my family because of that I don’t really have much money to get my own apartment because I’ve been funding my parents. Things are no longer going well for me I’m not in school though but I’m into street hustling ,So what I really want you guys opinion is this I have a senior friend he has a Hk and I reach out to him for updates since mine isn’t paying anymore and he requested I should travel to his Hk which is a different state in which I would stay there for 5 months would lots of restrictions from all social media and family and friends no one would know my whereabouts till I’m done feeding and everything would be on his head and I must Cashout at least 8 times to cover up all of that before the 5 months. I’m deeply down for it but now is my family I’m the breadwinner, how will I then be able to fund their needs in times of hardship and all Is there any side hustle that I can do to help out

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