She chose her relationship over our boyfriend but her boyfriend would not leave me alone.

I used to have this friend. Her boyfriend always made sexual jokes with me and one day he “jokingly” said “my friend (then) was very boring in bed and if he had me, he would take care of me. Mind you, I’m in a relationship with his friend. I advised my friend to end the relationship for real due to his other atrocities but alas, he told her to cut me off and she did. The boyfriend still disturbs me on snap chat and even sends me money. I have a business I do on campus and my account number is written on my business page. He sent me #40k the first time and told me that it was to support my business. I got annoyed and told him to stop. He still sends me money regardless. I have never given him any greenlight. Recently, I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me sometime ago (this is the third time) and I was so sad. I ended up in this guy’s house and we had sex. He begged me and even prostrated to never tell anyone about it. Nobody will ever know this, I’m not even proud of it. His girlfriend thinks I hate her but I really just feel pity for her because she’s so naive and blind. Well, its better that way because her boyfriend says a lot of unkind things behind her back. She can’t live without him tbh.

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  1. Idk what to say
    You’re not innocent in this and your boyfriend cheating on you doesn’t justify you fucking her boyfriend, you didn’t mistakenly land on his dick. Then again she’s blinded by her “love” for they guy…. Infact the 3 of you are in the wrong 🤦🏿‍♀️

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