E pain me

I remember one time I went on a trip to Abj, two days before my trip ended I needed to clear my konji so I went on snap to look for a babe in that city. Met this babe and I had to whine and whine for #24k before she finally agreed “with a price”. I went to pick her at a mall and on getting to my bed she asked that I do the transfer and she gets the alert before I can touch her. I sent money from my bank to hers and for over one hour she didn’t get alert and I was debited. I showed her debit from my bank she still didn’t believe (she had trust issues). Lo and behold she had to go back because her parents were already calling. She promised to come back the next day when she sees the money but Omo she stopped picking my calls and responding to my messages the next day. I’ve never fallen for such a cheap scam .


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