He hit me

My boyfriend hit me for the first time ever, we got into a fight on my birthday because I didn’t like any of the pictures he took of me. I angrily said I wasn’t going out anymore & he in return got offended, removed his outfit & said he wasn’t going anymore. Few minutes later, he came back pleading that he doesn’t want to ruin my day, that I should forgive him. I refuted & in attempt to leave the room because I was pissed. He held me, my continual refusal & push resulted to a slap on my face. I retaliated & we got into a fight. He hit me numerous times. I felt so pained & angry & ended the relationship at that minute. Few days later, after so many pleads, I forgave him & we got back together. I’m só surprised that I forgave him because hitting/beating is a big deal breaker for me.

One comment

  1. Girlllll better run because if it has happened once without grave consequences, it will happen again

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