Had i known

I’m 25 and i don’t even have a relationship. I was seeing a guy in lekki for some months and i can say he was heaven sent only if i had used my opportunity well he’s much older than me was always taking care of me even the little things I could do i was always on bed when I’m at his place and he gives me more than enough money #150-200k, I only regret that I didn’t have the time to reciprocate everything back we stopped seeing amd talking all of a sudden. After some months i met a guy on Twitter lol this guy is a devil, I visited for the first time and he’s already telling me to clean his house go the market to buy foodstuffs 😂telling me if i don’t cook i won’t eat anything. We only met twice because he said he has nothing to lose if we’re not together 😢😢. I’m a girl, i know what to do in the house he should have allowed me settle down first. lmao the guy dey find wife material, he will see because I’m the 7th person he’s dating this year

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