I’m actually tired, I finished serving last year and up till now no job. I’ve applied for over 160 jobs but no one has ever called me for a single interview. I’m very sad. I’m not business inclined, I really don’t know how to do business. I need a source of income to at least assist my parents at home. I hate seeing them struggle so much. After training me in school, now I have nothing to show for it😔, I cry every single night. I hope God sees how desperate I am to help my struggling parents. I know I’m still young (22 years old) but time isn’t really on my side. I have stopped applying for jobs because I am really tired!!

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  1. Don’t stop!!
    Try sites like and myschoolgist. Com. And jobgurus
    We’re on the same boat and I’m even older 😸 but I never give up. As you give up now wetin else you wan do??. Real failure is when you give up. Go girl!! 💪

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