I’m 25, a student of Lagos state university.
Two relationships 5 years and 2 years…
I was in a relationship with guy 1 though I was the one trying to make us work, almost as if I was forcing things then because he had someone else. He was cheating and took me for granted, hardly picks my call or reply texts, scold me always, breaks up at any little thing and I go back to beg always. So we had issues because of his other girl and broke up,along the line I met guy 2 he was all over me and I felt like I’ve found my own, he’s everything not knowing he also had a girlfriend. When I found out I was totally out of it, but he won’t leave me, he’s always trying to make us work, I break up and he comes back to settle always,unlike the other one. So later I settled with the other one again, thinking the devil I know is better than a new angel, and I was still in love , he changed and left the other girl,but he’s always trying to boss me around and show that he’s superior, toxic with words and all that. I respect him that I carefully think about whatever I say to him even jokingly all because he’s selfish and takes every little thing serious, scolds me and won’t even allow me talk whenever anything happens he believes he’s always right. Even when he’s wrong he feels I should apologize because he is a man. Guy 2 treats me like a queen, even when I’m wrong he apologizes, but he’s still with the other girl and he’s always saying they can’t end up together but they both don’t know how to let go of each other, now the question is I don’t know what to do, should I stay with the first one with the hope that he’ll change mind you guy 1 and I are in a five years relationship, while guy 2 and I are in a two year relationship

I would t have dated guy 2 if 1 didn’t leave me, and I was entangled and confused.

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  1. You seem to like guy 1. You probably don’t even like guy 2 because your mind is set else where and you just used him at that point to try to get over guy 1. You’re really entangled and this is really one of those decisions in life that you make for yourself. The whole situation is messy. Unless you enjoy messy situations. Continue living that way. If not, ask your self if any of them is what you really need in your life right now. Why do you need any? Is the purpose they serve me greater than the pain they cause? Will I be happy or better when I decide to remove them from my space and take a break for a while? Then you have your answer. Heartbreak and taking a break from relationships while figuring out yourself is not the end of the world and it cannot kill you either. When you finally get over the pain, you’ll become stronger and wiser in your next decisions. Involve God too. And you’re good to go!

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