My man is every woman’s dream, he is so kind, supportive, sweet and never makes me feel insecure. Don’t know why I woke up from a dream that he was having sex with another person. Dunno if i should be worried or it’s just a bad dream because he is the best among all the ones i have dated. I hope I’m not the only one this has happened to.


  1. I’m a love person but this girls are just draining me the fuck out, I don’t have much but when I’m in a relationship with someone I make sure I take care of the person just like I’m taking care of myself, I show them off on all my social media accounts, give them full access to my phone and all, I don’t double date but for one reason or the other it don’t just work out, most times issues comes because of lack of trust, they hardly trust me for no reasons, I have tried everything to make me stop being a lover boy but it never works out, my heart must surely love someone and get broken eventually😪💔😭I’m tired of love😔 somebody help me stop my heart from loving someone😔

  2. So many of you ladies in the comments section be acting like you haven’t had a dream where you saw your partner having **x. To the writer, dont mind them and it doesn’t mean your man is cheating, I actually know how to interpret dreams and this is very common but make sure you pray as far as it’s not reoccurring there is nothing to worry about.

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