I’m 24 lol am starting my life at 24, writing jamb and starting all over again yeah , it’s scary I feel like a failure but no, I can do it I will do it !lol the story is long one day , I will tell but for now wish me luck. I left home today am not going back till I make it amen . God is not done with me . Wish me luck


  1. May the soil of the earth give way to the steppings of your feet. May the wind convey every wish and prayer to appropriate quaters. May the world align to favour you and in times when they don’t, may God give you the strength to see that he has better plans for you. Godspeed.

  2. God never fails. Even when the whole world wages war against you but God is for you, you are more than victorious. Amen!!! He that gave you the courage to continue chasing your life goals against all odds will see you through it. You shall go, conquer and come out victorious Amen! God’s truly just starting with you cos you’re His own special project. May you never lose focus or sense or direction instead may He continue to direct your paths and strengthen you even when the going gets tough. Go and Conquer!!! You’re blessed Amen💯

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