COMPLIMENTS!!!! one thing my guy sucks at when it comes to me 😔😭 but does it easily when it comes to other ladies…. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m fat, have saggy breast, stretch marks and a big tummy and the other ladies he compliments are actually his spec (flat tummy, standing breast, no stretch marks, not fat and all). It makes me so sad and I feel disgusted most times looking at my body to be honest. I hate my body with so much passion lol, maybe… Just maybe if I lose weight and work on my body, I might just get the compliment I need from him.
It has made me seek useless attention from other guys even if they just want to sleep with me but I get the compliment needed…. I just hope I get a way out of this and learn to love my body the way it is. I will just write positive things on a sticker note and remind myself daily that I’m everything I need to be despite how my body looks

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