I am married, I met this guy on IG. Told him am single. We’ve been dating for 3 years now. This guy has been sending me money for everything and my husband knows about it. He sent me money to buy a land of #8m. My husband forge papers and sent him. We use the money to buy a car some other things . Now he’s coming back to Nigeria. Am thinking of blocking him everywhere. He has my pictures and account information . We are confused 😕

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  1. My people…
    A brother needs advice ooo…

    I’m into this girl and we talk about settling down once I’m financially brilliant because she is still a student and her brother and mom are very supportive of her and I’m also doing my best but it seems my best is not enough, we are going to 3 years because it’s kind of distance and near because she is in school and I dont want to distract her, I have told her.

    She feels I’m not serious with her or I’m using her but she shying away from the fact we need money to put everything in order.
    The truth is sometimes I get Insulted, physical abuse and I just overlook it because of love.
    The fact is that she ended the relationship and we both ended it countless times and talk about things after coming back, I love her because the pain inside me is understandable, she is my only friend besides my family, should I still beg to save my relationship or let things ended.

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