I’m lost

I’ve been in a talking stage with this guy for close to 2 months, we video call and talk everyday and we both made it clear what we wanted, we both want a relationship cause we talk about it everyday. I’m in my finals in university and I just finished my exams and this is the time we’re supposed to link because I told him I have to finish my exams first then we can link so that it’d be comfortable for us both only for him to tell me we wouldn’t be able to link because of some reasons he can’t tell me. He’s not even trying to explain to me when we’d be able to link, he’s just telling me he’s not sure that if I like I can block him it’s my choice. This is someone that has been telling me how much he can’t wait to see me in person and finally make it official to be his girl, I’ve been using sense to follow him all along and not put my feelings in him too much because I just had this feeling he’d dissappoint me and he proved me right. On Sunday this nigga ghosted for the whole day, I was worried calling and texting because I thought something bad had happened because he has never done this before. He called me the next morning telling me that police carried him because he had an altercation with them and they put him in the cell…you guys does this sound reasonable?? He just called and told me casually saying I should believe what I like and shouted and hung up because I wasn’t believing the story he was telling me, he called back and apologized saying he was sorry for being aggressive and he should’ve explained better and went ahead to still give the same story which I didn’t even believe one bit because lol I’m not stupid…This guy is not the kind of person police can carry, he’s not a small boy at all like the story just no clear for my eye, I asked him so there was no one for you to call no friend or family to come? He was like they took his phone blah blah blah omo like this I’ve blocked him because I’m seeing he’s playing with me and I don’t let guys play with me, I’m single I’m not desperate. I’m pained low key because he made me invest my time and feelings to him for 2 months and i really don’t give my time out to guys cause I know how guys can be and i really know my worth and I’ve set standards for myself that I won’t let any nigga make me settle for less I mean cmon I’m a fine babe with a banging body and I also have a lot to offer so why would you want to treat me less lol

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