The Marriage Lie

I am finally out of love with my wife. Only in this marriage for the sake of our 3 children. If we divorce (very likely), I will never remarry again . 

Now that I am older, I have realised that there is absolutely nothing in marriage for men. 

You have the bills to pay, you work hard to provide for your family and you get nothing in return. No genuine thank you, no genuine love, the mediocre sex you get is even being withhold manipulatively. I have decided I don’t want the sex anymore. 

It’s now been 12 months and time to find someone else to fuck with for pleasure only. Let the body count begin. 

I plan to teach my son to vet any woman they decide to marry. If she hates her dad, avoid her. 

If she’s had trauma in her past, avoid her. And he is better off dating a woman who loves her than the one she loves.As for daughter, i’ll teach both of them to never be like their mum.
I made the mistake of loving, but she was only here for the economic reasons.

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