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I’m a level 300 student and my cgpa is still in 2.00. It all started in year 1, I had nobody to direct me and show me my way forward in the university and my roommates were nothing to write home about in my year 1. I even approached a senior colleague of mine during my year 1 but he just wanted to sleep with me, my year 2 I tried my best to meet up but it’s still not working and now I’m in year 3. I’ve been trying to share this with someone for a very long time now, I’m really depressed, I don’t know what to do. I don’t even have money to work out my courses. I’m really depressed if it continues like this I might die of depression. I don’t even have anybody to share this pain with I don’t even add in weight my weight drops every single I try my best to be happy but I just can’t

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  1. I was in your shoes once. A classmate I later got close to helped me and I’ll be sharing some tips with you.

    My 100l ended with CGPA of 1.
    My second year, 2.
    Third year, 3.
    Fifth year, I barely crawled my way into 3.5. Graduated with a 2.1.
    Mind you, I carried over a total of 15 units. That’s like a whole semester. I cleared everything with hard work and I didn’t spillover.
    To be honest, it helps when you’re intelligent. The crowd you move with too is important.
    My advise is , move with the brilliant crowd. Aim for A and nothing less in all your courses. Make sure the A you’re aiming for is in the 90s and above. Don’t settle for 70s.
    Don’t keep things to yourself. Ask for help and you’ll be surprised by how many people actually have similar problems and how many are willing to help.
    Don’t be cowed by shame. It will only destroy you.
    Go to class, research your courses, get past questions. Prepare for those questions and more.
    It’s a war. To win, you actually need to know the weapons you need and have them. Ask your colleagues that know, when and where you’re not clear about things. Beg, if you have to. There’s no room for pride here.
    The friend that helped me started with 1. in 100l and graduated with 4.
    There a system to getting good grades. You just need to calm down and crack it or move with those who already have. I also have regrets that I learnt about the right way to study too late. My grade could have been higher.

    I hope this helps.

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