I’m sad and I feel like a mess. It hurts !

I love her so much
That’s for sure
If I’m to be honest
I don’t really know how I feel this recent time.
I don’t even know how to go about this
At this time , I’m wrong this
I’m sad , confused as to what it’s
It’s so hard to communicate my feelings with my partner.
She can be hardheaded
If she does wrong
I can’t even talk about it
Cause she end up at me
Ignores me for days, won’t return my calls
If she does wrong and I say thing
She picks up a fight, get mad at me
Ignores me
Uses spiteful languages at me
It takes the whole of me to not get back
It hurts
I know , i come through in every possible way I can
I listen to her feelings
Financially, I dint let her lag on that.
She makes me feel like my feelings ain’t valid
Sometimes, she might just go AWOL
Won’t pick my calls for days
Won’t text, won’t call
I do basically most of the callings
If I don’t, I prolly should not expect her to reach out.
I have said to her , a thousand times
If I’m doing something wrong or I have done you wrong, it’s
Tell me what it’s
I will make me amend
It wasn’t this way before.
Sometimes, I just don’t feel love and I feel like to question it all.
It messes me up
I feel like , I need a break
But I just can’t
Sometimes, I just can’t take it and just want to be
Could be 2 days or more
She did send a text and I be running back.
And here we go again
She does the same thing
It was like this before
Messes my head up
I feel like to give it a break
My mental health supersedes all of this
But I just can’t walk away and it hurts.
I have prolly typed too long
I’m just sad and I feel a mess
Why is love so difficult.

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