Changed LIFE

I have been a long time user of this platform so you might have come across my post. In a post i talked about my new white girlfriend I’m dating since i left nigeria and where she works with her colleagues in top oil and financial institutions and how I’m planning to visit lots of countries this year and the 2nd country I’m visiting is in 2 months time. My life has really changed, like seriously forget when a white lady loves you for real they can do anything for you. I now take private jet, enter plane like it’s nothing. Most time i even decline taking plane when we wanna travel. So you know, before you start saying I’m a gigolo. Lol, i work under presidency back then in Nigeria and I’m still working, i earn my money but gosh this love is too much. I don’t stress for things anymore, they just keep coming. This year alone visiting more than 10 countries. All in all. Alhamdullilah

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