Scared of the unknown

I’m currently learning a lucrative skill that is enough to feed and fund my lifestyle if I starts to get blessed clients. But at the same time I’m working a 9-5 job which only pays me pea nut that’s not even up to #50k. I’m thinking of stopping the work and focus on my new skill/business and give it my all but I’m scared of not getting clients/customers. Cause getting clients automatically means getting money and I need to be able to get at least 8-10 clients per week. I’m just confused and scared of quitting the job and not seeing money to feed. 🥹

One comment

  1. Get a few clients first before you leave the job. I understand it will be stressful now but inconvenience yourself and work hard on the job and your skill till you have more clients, you leave the job. all the best!

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