Confusion in paradise

This isn’t a guy issue, I have this friend that always talk about how pastors do tell her her friend will put her in trouble and the rest and it’s getting too much esp when I’m the only close friend she has, and honestly it makes me feel uncomfortable. Right now I feel like ending the friendship because I can’t be your only close friend and each time we talk that’s what you bring up, because I believe she’s indirectly telling me I’ll put her in trouble, and tbvh I don’t have bad intentions for this girl. Me that want only good things to come to me how will I have ill intentions towards someone I call my friend? Sometimes I feel like most things she says are lies but for real that her business and her life but you see this friendship stuff, I’m tired of hearing it so I wanna know if I should leave the friendship or not

One comment

  1. Give her Space… Gently withdraw, so it doesn’t seem you suddenly ghosted her cause she found out and told you what you’re doing or anything, thereby deeming her right. Just slowly give her space.

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