Igbo man

I have an igbo man that we are really into each other, he use to be my staff when I was in Nigeria but we don’t talk, I fell so hard for this dude to the point I couldn’t hold it but tell him he took quite a lot of time before he said we can date. 2months into our relationship I moved to UK, as at that time he doesn’t know I’m planning my travelling and hopefully he will join me soon, he is a Christian and I am a Muslim but wallahi I have never seen a more understand man and an open minded person like him. I’m not converting and he is not as well but we are planning to get married, he already introduced me to his family but I haven’t introduced him to mine and that’s because everyone I have talked to are saying shit about igbos but I believe everybody suppose don get sense pass playing the religion and tribe card. We don’t keep anything away from each other we tell each other everything including finance and I’m really ready to go on this long journey with him after all we have promised each other to keep family out of our business especially when it comes to kids, he is everything anyone will wish for, yes marriage do go sour but Insha Allah we will pull through. I’m sure a lot of people that knows me will be very disappointed that I got married to a Christian bcos I’m a very strong Muslim made but Wallahi mi o care make everybody rest at the end of the day it’s my decision to make, and I know Allah sees my intention on this which is all that matters, pls wish me luck.

One comment

  1. Madam stop calling Allah’s name in this your matter. Your intention means nothing if you are planning to disobey his will. I know you care what your family thinks but what of Allah? Lemme share a link relating to this your similar situation. Left to you to do whatever you want with it. https://youtu.be/G8Xhv4hcSA0

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