Relationship Issues

Me & my woman are having serious issues right now because I posted her on my WhatsApp on her birthday, I blocked everyone and only her saw the post alone. I did that because things get to me quickly I didn’t want anyone’s comments from my contact I know how some of them behave. I’m just a private person, so i didn’t want anyone to say anything, 3weeks after her birthday she said someone DM’ed her on iG to say stuffs about me so now she’s now asking me to send her the comments from my contacts on WhatsApp as regard to the post so she can show it to the person on iG and I told her there’s no comment anywhere. She got angry & said I should be honest and say the truth, I denied it at first because i didn’t want her so she wouldn’t feel bad but she got mad at me and threatened to end the relationship. I finally agreed she was the only one that saw the post, and now she’s even more mad at me saying I’m hiding her from my others and I’m deceiving her also my intentions towards her are evil. If I didn’t genuinely love her this issue wouldn’t have hurt me, honestly I love this woman wholeheartedly and i want her to be my wife now this is my issue woman or people would want to know the truth about everything and still they can’t handle the truth when they hear it, I have apologized and begged her severally still she said she’s done with me and I can move on with my life, I’m hurt because I genuinely love this girl and I feel she’s the woman for me…

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