I am a girl and I like girls. I have had a lot of boys crushing on me growing up and a lot of proposals but no matter how I try I can’t like guys, I just feel no physical nor emotional attraction to them. Recently I have been getting angry anytime a boy approaches me or when l find out someone as a crush on me because they don’t have to hide it or anything. There’s this girl I like but she never notices me but l can’t approach her about my feelings and I have been dying inside anytime I see her flirting with a boy. The worst part of my situation is my family are starting to suspect me because I have never shown any interest in a guy.

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  1. I’m on the fence about this sexuality thing but then again I’m not one to judge.
    Most Nigerians are homophobic so I advise that you don’t tell anyone. The girl will most likely be straight and telling her about it can put you in danger.
    Find someone who’s facing something similar (maybe online but it’s advisable to stay anonymous) it can help a little

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