I have been having sex with my dad for the past few months now. He used to stop me from having a boyfriend or going out. It all started when I was sleeping and he forced himself on me. Ever since that day he always force himself on me. I really don’t know how to stop. The last time he beat me up for refusing.

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  1. He isn’t your “dad”, he’s a monster.
    You aren’t having “sex” with him, he rapes you. Please speak up, talk to someone about it, if possible report to higher authorities, if you can’t do that get away from that house, get away from him. He’s polluting you and slowly ruining your life. Incest isn’t just a crime. It’s a sin and an abomination condemned by God.
    What If a pregnancy results from it, will you be able to handle it?. Pls if you’re mom is still present talk to her or a family member. He might be doing it to other people and getting away with it.
    I hope everything goes well ❤️

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