Toxic relationship

I am in a relationship with my boyfriend and we have issues over everything, in a week we can have have issue like twice or 3times.. Irrelevant issues like why did you not tell me before you went out, why did you change your password, and the rest. I can’t keep or talk to my male friends any more. I don’t go out I am the opposite of myself because he is an introvert. I am keeping it 100 with him and I don’t even cheat or play sneaky because most of the time we are always together at his place.. he is the definition of toxic and I really can’t tell if he is acting his age or if that is who he truly is. Imagine ending up with this kind of person I will suffer emotionally. My boyfriend calls me names and also shouts at me at every inconvenience, he talks to me anyhow and he can keep malice, he can go days without talking to you or you both can be in the same space for days and he won’t talk to you. You know how women behave when dey have mood swings that is exactly how he behaves, he has no regard for our relationship sometimes, he can be sweet when he is cool but when he is mad you can’t stand him, he always wants to show you that he is the man. Do you get me… Like always tries to manipulate me into accepting even when he is wrong, my love is dropping every day and I really can’t wait to get over him because I don’t think I can build any future with this kind of person. He is toxic…

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