Son of Sorrow

Crush on this girl I called (peace of mind), for a year plus, I saw her on FB, we got connected, we exchanged contact. We were texting and calling each others, but on voice and video calls when in the same town, separated by the city bridge for such a long time without physical interaction with each others,, we got too attached and she accepted visiting, we started dating officially after her visit🍌🍑.. I was in love with her.. to cut it all short, she was playing along, and I’d never fails to assist her but she had a life she’s indulged with in her phone 📱. I’m aware of that life style (interstate and city hookup) but I kept that in mind and left her.. I’m broken & skeptical about girls right now.. I loved her but I’m not sure if I talk to her about her unseen life she will change. Was depressed about her, and have been unable to see any other girl,.. 🫥

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