I’m foolish. Just know that I’m foolish. You see that I am a mumu song. It’s for me. Your love makes me a sad mumu. 🥹 I typed a lot of things to give context to the readers but I realized I put a lot of my friends on connotare when this platform just started and if they read this, they will know it is me. And they don’t deserve update on my relationship. Just dedicate that mumu song to me when you hear it. Dear universe, My next life, pls give me a heart of stone when it comes to romantic love.
Thank you for coming to my pep talk. 🤎

One comment

  1. Do you know what make human a human because we are vurnorable , once we are not anyone we are not human anymore.
    That ur emotions put u through something dose not make u stupid, just learn from it .shalom

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